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We are medical writers ourselves. We’ve been writing for a long time, and we’re now helping other medical writers build their skills, careers, and businesses. We know what it takes to get started, how to build a business, and how to keep it going. We can help you develop your career, and we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and expert service.

Since 2013, we have been trainers for staff at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They found us online as you have and have been very pleased with our online offerings of seminars and courses.

Our Training Program has been awarded for innovation in content and delivery. We won the 2011 Award for Best Innovation in Continuing Professional Development from the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions. We also participated in a 2012 Award for Excellence in Publishing from Apex, for our work with the AMWA Journal.

Students from 30 countries around the world enjoy our online Courses and Seminars from the comfort of their home or office computers, at their own pace. No expensive travel, hotel, or lost time. Just great learning and convenience.

Certificates of Completion are provided for Courses when you successfully pass your tests of knowledge. You can show others you have graduated. Our company is well known, so your training means something in many circles.

By popular demand, we have created 5 Money-Saving Training Packages

which combine our online courses and online seminars into highly discounted series which meet your interests and provide broad training and exposure in one simple, discounted purchase:

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5
New to Medical Writing
Intro to Med Writing 3 Online Courses
4 Online Courses 4 Online Courses 8 Online Courses
5 Seminars 5 Seminars 6 Seminars 7 Seminars 11 Seminars
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